Creating a school performing guide...

Jan 15, 2008
in the royal court
Hey some dudes had the idea to create our own "guide to perform in school"
if you all think it is a good idea then post in depth tips here and i will join them into a PDF and send it.... (where? i dont know) but just to help early freshmen magicians...

so what do you all say??
Sep 30, 2007
Two student groups

I think it sounds like a great idea! I'll guess I'll go ahead and throw in my little tip.

*When performing in school, perform for people who actually want to see and enjoy the magic. Stay away from heckler students who's only want is to mess up your trick or figure out how it's done to make you look bad. These two groups can be easily distinguished from each other after the first trick. Their response and how they act during the trick will determine which category they fit into. If they enjoyed it and responded well, then keep your routine going, but if they fit into the heckler group, then stop at that trick.

*Let's say you run into the problem of where you have a few "hecklers" and a few "enjoyers" in the same group. Then what? In my personal opinion, end with the trick you are on and wait till you meet the "enjoyers" again when they are away from the "hecklers". This makes the overall performance more enjoyable for everybody and plus it lessens the risk of a heckler screwing up your trick.
Sep 2, 2007
Just liked ned's declassified, anyway

"you can perform in class, some teachers may like your magic, some may not. It's important that when confronted with a teacher who doesn't like magic that you put away the cards. The worst case scenario however, is that you lose your card's and piss off the teacher."
Jan 9, 2008
Dont force your magic onto anyone who doesnt want it.
Perform for people you dont know so that it pevents such things as friends stealing thunder, people having the guts to screw with your trick, etc.

Jan 27, 2008
*Perform the older, un-"Google-able" material especially for the suspected You(N)oober students as they might come back the next day just to exploit you* - ..:Z:..

*If you have a heckler in your audience that's trying to ruin your performance, tell the audience that if his behavior persists, you will not perform. Most of the time, they will either throw him out or shut him up. If his/her behavior does persist, stop the performance and wait for a better time.* - ..:Z:..

*if you've got a camera, a friend, or a friend with a video camera, get him to film your performance. WE WANT TO SEE YOUR PERFORMANCES. Plus, you can review your performance to observe every gritty detail and mitake and then learn from them.

Also, most kinds won't act like an ass when they're being filmed during a performance* - ..:Z:..

*Also, if you need space, demand it.

One time, I went to Wheels with my cousins and I brought my Hummer Card with me to perform. I was afraid they might see through the illusion and to my gimmick so I said, "I need some space for my magical aura."

I performed multiple times and they have never figured out my effect and their speculations wasn't even close to the secret. I've even had kids ask me how I did that. One other girl went up to me and said, "Could you feel anything in your magical-aura?" Boy, was she tricked or what?*

I'll add more tips later to the thread.

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