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  1. how do you create such awesome and unique flourishes. is there a creative process to go through? iv only created five flourishes and two of them are sybil variations and none of them are as good as some of the other ones on youtube. could someone give me some tips on creating flourishes?

  2. I think its really just based on what you want to do. if you like the trilogy cuts but also like say, Daniel Madison's style than don't just mix them at flair. i would say combine to differnet flourishes (ex. akira and asybil) and then add in a little bit of a couple other peoples such as Andrei Jikh and Kevin Ho and just start one and put them middle as another flourish and then end it with another different one and there you go. its not perfect but you on your way to creating your own all you have to do from their is add some personal flair or personal ideas to your flourish. hope this helps, peace.
  3. For me, it's inspiration. I'm currently working on something new that I used the opening of Madison's Alpha Dog to come up with. My creation process intails me starting something, be it random or established, and then stopping right in the middle, and holding whatever position i'm in. From there, I try and think of all the different possibilities that I have to go from there. Then, I try some of those possibilities. For me, it's basically a repeat process of that, once I find something that works.
  4. Just moving cards in absurd ways can help spark something. Start with something familiar and then try to do something you've never seen, 90+% of the time it fails or doesn't look good. But every once in a while you get somewhere.

    BAWI has good suggestions too, I like stopping in the middle (at a place you can hold) and seeing how many things are possible before moving foward.

    I've created a lot of bad flourishes...and am barely above novice when it comes to flourishing, but I have a few concepts/ideas/whatevers that I hope to develop in the future.

    Good luck to you.

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