Creation in Cardistry

Aug 27, 2020
Hello I hope you are well, I have some questions that I would appreciate if you could answer:
What is the best way to develop your own style and ability to create Cardistry movements? To what extent is it considered that we should practice the basics?

I have intuited that I should focus on a style that I like and try to do what the cardists who practice it do and gradually create my own Cardistry, is this okay?

I've been learning Cardistry for 2 years and I have most of the foundations and about 10 in-between moves that come out smooth.
Jun 18, 2019
West Bengal, India
lotusinhand is a great resource. It's a cardistry channel on You Tube which explains comprehensively everything about cardistry, from it's history and different styles to how to create your own style and your own moves. I doubt you'll find anything as exhaustive as the following playlist:-

(In case you can't view it, just check out the playlists of lotusinhand.)

Here's a video from that playlist with general tips in creating moves:-

But here's a basic rule of thumb that they as well as all cardists recognise while creating moves and developing style:-

There is no rule.

You can innovate in the style of cardistry you like, or you can keep breaking comfort zones. You can keep cards unbent or tear them apart. You can merge existing moves or take them apart. You can switch up the openers and closers. You can add body movement. You can subtract motion from the cards. You can go for a magical look in the move. You can go for a mechanical look. You can go for a funky look. You can integrate other objects in your cardistry (your other body parts or a wall, table, etc).

As long as you are having fun, keep at it.
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