Crimps? Short cards?

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  1. I want to have some suggestions on using crimp cards and short cards. I am recently hoping to practice impromptu magic which allows the spectator to shuffle the deck. How do you use your crimps and short cards to to this effect? Do you have any other ways of using those two types of cards in magic? One last question is can crimps and short cards survive in a good riffle shuffle? As riffle shuffle is quite common even to normal spectators.
  2. There is a great section on Short Cards in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks. The Expert at the Card Table contains material on the crimp. Both are available as part of the Learned Pig Project at

    The best resource is Greater Magic (which is out of print and a bit expensive) which covers both in depth. The crimp also is discussed in Expert Card Technique, Card Control and The Magic of LePaul all of which are relatively inexpensive books.

    I'm actually collecting uses for short cards for a future project.

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  3. Thank you. If you riffle shuffle the deck the short card might not stick with the selected card, how does it work? And are there some uses of short cards or crimp card other than a key card that you could share here as I saw other posts people mentioned there are other uses.
  4. It will. If it doesn't, make sure the deck is square, puta little more upward pressure with your thumb on the deck during the shuffle, make the short card shorter -- trying each of those in order to see if the problem if fixed.


    All that is answered in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (FREE at through LPP as mentioned above) starting at page 309.
  5. Thank you much, just got access to the LPP. It's awesome. Seems like I can't finish the list in my entire life.
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  6. You won't. Even if you did read through everything, you'd have to then go back through it all a second time to combine effects and methods, mix and match, etc.


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