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  1. Hello,

    Ive been working on this move (Jakson five ) for about......6 month's know, I can do it with out messing up, but , It still need's lot's of work before I post it on the internet, And , Im asking you guy's how long it took you to perfect it, And if you can give me any tip's that would be great!!

  2. most people do the phases in diff videos some do in 1 but it took me a good 6 months of solid practice and dpeed is a key in the whole routine as taught by d&d
  3. Im still not happy with my J5, I first learnt it over a year ago.

    PS. This should be in the Cardistry section.

  4. It really depends upon what you know going into this flourish.For instance the more experience you have in more sybil-style cuts, obviously the smoother the core sybil routine will go. If you feel lacking in this area, you can check out some of the older teaching videos to find: What the hell happened to sybil, BRS, 5 faces of sybil, etc. These give you the muscle memory to move up.

    Biggest thing to remember: it isn't about how fast you can accomplish the flourish. It's how to do a flourish so well it looks as effortless as possible.

  5. It took me 4 months of staright up practice. And that was to just have it memorized. It took a extra 3 months to do fast. And it helps to be aware of other Sybils. That way you'll feel comfortable with the Sybil actions.

    P.S. The only flourishes I prefer to do are the Sybils.
  6. I think its how you feel that it was so effortless at all..

    even if you are practicing it for just 4months or 2months..

    its all on the quality of practice...
  7. I would recommend learning the J5 with out the Leno Cut. Then learn the Leno later.

  8. I've had the video's for some time now and I can do the "Madana" part of J5. I guess I should get to practicing. I've been working on sybill in the rain by D+M.

    Good luck to you...

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