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  1. Hey there,
    I'm somewhat new to cardistry flourishing and I want to take it to the next level and learn Dan and Dave's Molecule Cuts, though I don't know where to begin...
    I do have Dan and Dave's The System (yes, strange thing for a beginner to have... it was a gift), but in the Extras section where Molecule 1-3 is taught, the video is really small and its just a repeat of them doing it in slow motion... not a good way to learn!
    So where can I learn these cuts elsewhere?
    Help please :)
  2. You can buy the Trilogy, in there, i guess those flourishes are well explained and very slow. Dan and Dave the trilogy.
  3. The Trilogy teaches Molecule 4 and shows some variations on molecule 2, however, it is still pretty much taught in slow motion; most flourishes are. I would suggest getting the Trilogy tho. I bought it mainly for the magic, but I got addicted to the flourishes and it was my first flourishing DVD. You can get just the flourishing portion of the Trilogy, but ti is sold out on Dan & Dave's website. If you're not looking to spend $80 on the Trilogy, then you can get Molecule 4 here for $5.
  4. There's a knock off version on YouTube that I learned, it's a good false cut, and not nearly as flashy as the real thing, but it's free ^_^
  5. Thanks for the help guys :)
  6. When I don't get a flourish from The System due to the lack of verbal/text instruction I usually look if I can buy a download with instruction anywhere, and if that's also not available I check YouTube.

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