Dan And Dave: The Trilogy // Disk 2: Flourishes

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
Hey guys. sorry it has been ages since I said I would do Disk 2, but here I am giving my honest review on the Flourishes disk. You might wan't to check out my Tricks Disk review aswell. I will do this one a little bit differently than the tricks review so bear with me. So, without further ado lets go on!


This disk is by far my favorite. The flourishes are awsome and the amount squashed into one disk is again, phenonomal! I won't bother explaining what they look like, i will just give a link to a video and give credit.

Carnahan Fan: Most definitly the most painful fan I have ever done when I started Flourishing. It is fairly simple, but sometimes the cards just look weird and in a half horse shoe shape. With practise it becomes easier. You will drop a fair few cards when you do this, so use and old deck when you start. This is also avalible as a 1 on 1.
Difficulty: 7/10

Molecule 4: This new addition to the molecule family is very easy to get the hang of. It has 2 extra versions to play around with, and is so fun to do! I can't really think wat else to say apart from you will use this all the time when you are bored.
Difficulty: 4/10

Pandora: A very cool looking flourish as you can see from the video. One of the more difficult ones from this disk. Looks amazing as they all do when performed flawlessly, and without pauses. Dan and Dave are really clever to think this one up!
Difficulty: 8/10

Jackson 5 The Jackson 5. What can I say. One of the best flourishes i have come across in my short months of Cardistry. There are 6 phases to this magical flourish, and why it is called the Jackson 5 I do not know. First it starts with Madonna, then into Symblisum, Skater Cut, Syble, Leno Cut and finaly Genisis. One of my all time favorites.
Difficulty: 9/10

Erdnase Go around : Just a simple flashy packet spin. More to it than meets the eye though.
Difficulty: 7/10

Vertigo Sorry i couldn't get a very good quality video but you get the basic idea. You kick a packet from the air back to your hands. Really hard to do and you won't be able to do it all the time. Definitly the easiest, but hardest if you know what i mean.
Difficulty: 6/10

Eko: A very fun flourish to do on a bus or if your performing to grab peoples attention. Not to difficult but like them all, they do require practice.
Difficulty: 7/10

Mecka: This one looks to me like a cross between Sybil, Madonna and a Revolution cut to me. One very cool flourish, and it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Again, another one to grab peoples attention while performing or doing street magic.
Difficulty: 6/10

Akira: A cool and fairly simple flourish. It is hard to get your ring finger to twirl the packet and if you practise for to long then it starts to hurt. The last step is somewhat luck and somewhat skill, and the packet comes off your fingers at the end.
Difficulty: 6/10

Tectonic Verb: Sorry guys, but this was the one flourish that i couldn't find a good video for and i have compleatly forgotten what it looks like. I will update this when i watch it again.

All in all, this is a really good set/DVD to get and i would highly recommend it. I have the rest of my points in the Tricks review i did. Bye for now!


Video Credit: Jordan Lapping, rockdrummerz and of corse Dan and Dave Buck!
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May 23, 2008

I found the Flourishes dvd very hard. I think the Buck twins could have spoke instead of writing out what to do. I thought both of the other dvds were great good teaching stratergies but as for the flourishe dvd I didnt learn much from it and im a bit dissapointed in it :( , but loved the others :D.
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