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  1. i have wanted to start in XCM for a while but havent gotten a starter dvd. well this christmas i am getting XB. any way, i was browsing through theory11 and noticed the 1-0n-1 section. i looked through and found some stuff that i liked. molecule cut, hofzzy osbourne, and 3 fry. hofzzy ozbourne and molecule cut are by dan and dave buck. i had heard that thier tricks and flourishes were very hard to do. i took a chance and bought them. both were pretty easy. i had no problems with hofzzy osbourne and i have watched the molecule cut video maybe 4 times. (its only like 3 or 4 minutes long) and i can do the cut at about medium speed. well i have been wanting the trilogy and have not bought it because reviews on it saying its for experts only. but now i am wondering, should i buy it and watch the tricks section and everything else section then move on to the flourishes section once i have mastered most of the stuff in XB?

  2. If you are just starting I really wouldn't recommend The Trilogy just yet. I would master a bit easier stuff like on XB before you move on. I don't own the Trilogy yet because I still think it would be a bit hard for me, and I have been doing it for 10 months.
  3. The thing about the flourishes section in the trilogy is, some of the moves are based off of earlier moves, found in the system DVD. I suggest you try those out first, before moving onto the trilogy. Of course you can learn the combos directly from the trilogy if you wish. Then again, J5 will be easier for you if you know madonna, sybil, leno, and genesis already.
  4. It does have a flourishes 101 section. But if your a begginer first learn from xtreme begginerz then move on. There is a sticky in the cardistry section for begginers.
  5. I actually started off with The Trilogy. And I have been doing flourishes for about 9 months. Not to be a jerk but I consider my self pretty good. Not that good yet. But from what I have heard Xtreme Beginnerz is a good starting point. If you want to go for the Trilogy its worked out for me.

    Hope this helped, Happy Holidays,

    P.S. Check out my youtube channel and you tell me. That's just a tiny video of some not so hard stuff. I will be adding more soon though.
  6. Yeah. Hold back from the Trilogy for now. But I wouldn't recommend Xtreme Beginnerz. I got it a long time ago and I was disappointed. It has a lot of "filler" stuff. (showing how to get a manicure, what is in De'Vo's carry on bag, etc.) What I would do is search tutorials on like YouTube for some easy cuts (chariler, revolution, swivel, etc.). Then try out the Trilogy once you've mastered all of the basic flourishes. Good Luck!
  7. I think you are the first person I met that was disappointed by it. I know for sure that there are at least 6 hours of how to learn cardisty.
  8. i bought trilogy even if im a beginner, the stuff can be learned even if you are completely new but obviously it will be harder since you cant do anything basic to begin with. i didnt really buy it to learn so much from it just yet, more like an insight of what is possible and how it is done.

    if you have spare cash like i did then sure get it, it will open your mind.

    if you are limited in money, buy the beginner stuff unless you have the determination and time to practice the "expert" moves.

    i take it like i do with skateboarding. i started skateboarding when i was 14, thats 7 years ago now. you dont start off by doing 360 flips straight away, you start out easy. learn ollie then kickflip then varial flip then 360 flip(i guess this doesnt make sense to any of you :p). building a good base first and then proceed. you CAN learn 360 flip straight away but it will be MUCH harder if you are completely new. but with skateboarding you have this feeling "i dont dare to land" when you do tricks for the first time even if you have the technique right. with cards you arent afraid to hurt yourself so thats 1 less barrier to break.
    also with skateboarding you have to do everything in the right speed to begin with.
    with cards you can do each of the phases in a move slowly until you complete the whole flourish and then speed up gradually.(i know this doesnt count for everything since there are some really fast moves that cant be done slowly like card flying in the air)

    just my thoughts on how i approach it.
  9. If you're going to buy the Trilogy anyway in the future when you think you'll get better, you might as well get it now.
  10. I started flourishing in the days before XB, and I learnt all my basic moves from Capaso Casino's Back to Basics 1 & 2 DVDs. I really don't get why no-one else ever recommends these. If what you're after is a grounding in the fundamental card flourishes, then these will do the job perfectly.
  11. Show Off With Cards is a great way to start too. Don't just think XB is your only choice! I applaud TeeDee for pointing out there are other beginning points. The Trilogy really is for the more advanced flourishers, but if you think you can take it on, go ahead! It's not impossible, it'll just take longer compared to someone who has a more extensive background in cardistry. Honestly the only reason The Trilogy is hard, is because most of it takes a lot of practice. A lot of practice isn't bad though, right?
  12. Show off with cards, are you joking, they rip-off other peoples moves, rename them, teach them badly then sell it for $30, I hope no-one ever buys that DVD ever.

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