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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snoopy123, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Check out the latest news that theory 11 posted today! daniel+Madison in the theory11 hq....Few words suffice for he who understands. Cerca Trova guys
  2. Just read it a little while ago. You don't even realize how excited I am for Dangerous :) So there are some hidden images related to Dangerous around here somewhere?
  3. If you highlight the line underneath cerca trova, you get "{- intelligenti+pauca -} /one_among_eleven.php". I've been trying to find any hidden links in the source code or whatnot, but no luck so far. Msg me if you find anything :D

    and DUUUUUDE im so pumped for dangerous too. Its going to be epic:eek:
  4. Are you sure that that hidden line does not refer to the Centurions?
  5. The hidden link does in fact refer the to the 6th Centurions page.
  6. Just another little lesson to expect the unexpected when you are looking for secret clues!
  7. 6th...page? Is lost** :confused:

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