David Blaine Effect Name?

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  1. David Blaine performed a trick on one of his specials a few years back, where it involved cutting the deck, then cutting it again. He then asks the spectator to get his finger place it on the length side of the deck, and just flick up. The spectator does this, the cards fly up and the cards are cut messily to the selected card of the spectator. His other version was done with Katy Perry, where he shows the deck to Katy, names a card, and asks her to lift up about a fourth of the deck, she proceeds to do this, and she cuts exactly to her card. I'm not asking about the method, but I would like to know the name of this effect and the creator.
  2. To do an effect like this, I'd start with Chapter 4 of Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, followed by Chapter 17 and then look at the works of Kirk Charles and/or Si Stebbins / Juan Tamariz / Simon Aronson. For the Katy Perry version, you could just use the knowledge from Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.
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  3. I haven't seen those performances, but by your description I can guess that the first effect is based on "Finger Flicker" by Pit Hartling and it's described on his book called Card Fictions.
    The Katy version can be done using the same method but alongside the works of Si Stebbins, Juan Tamariz or Simon Aronson, as said before.
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