David Copperfield Live in Vancouver!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blackghost1125, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I just saw david copperfield live up here in vancouver, canada!!!!! :D. Sadly, I didn't get his autograph :(. But still, its soooo cool to see David Copperfield live!! The tricks he did were passing through metal(itwas solid, they banged a hammer on the metal), walking through a giant fan and dissapearing, making a persons tie alive, vanishing 13 people to there favorite places, making a live scorpion pick out the same card that the spectator picked, making a duck vanish and appear anywhere else, predictions, and making himself appear with a motorcycle inside an empty box tent thingy(all sides were shown and they showed you the inside.)
  2. Thats awesome. I saw a very similar show when he was in Michigan. Amazing.
  3. awesome i think he did the same show for me when i went to vagas my dad was one of the 13 people that got disappeared it was awesome
  4. where did your dad end up?:confused:
  5. I was there =]
    I was up on the balcony though.
    I found the show a bit short. What did you think?
  6. Really? I was up on the balcony too!:eek:

    I think that the show was pretty good, but as you said, a bit short.
  7. Funny. I saw the show on Saturday and was on the balcony level as well.

    I thought the show overall was great. I think it only felt short, it ran nearly an hour 15 minutes or so.

    My favourite illusion had to be the Lotto/Car appearance. Killer stuff.

  8. Compare with Criss Angel reviews... ^^^ How stage shows should go

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