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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by thexcheat, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. i dont know wheither to buy Digital disolve or wait for some other effect to come along. if i buy digital disolve i wont be able to purchase another magic effect for a long time, so i dont know exactly what to do. im a begginner magician (practicing for about a year and half), who only performs card magic, but i saw DD and wanted to change things up. your replies would be helpfull thanks.
  2. You could perhaps attempt to read other threads on this topic, they are located in the 'product review' section.

    If you are a beginner then perhaps get somthing with a little more than just one effect.
  3. Well in my opinion, I would go for something card related, but that's just me. I'm a card worker myself, so I tend to go for things relating to cards. Digital Dissolve looks very impressive, and I myself am also tempted to purchase it. If you wanna change things up, go for it. In my opinion, I think you'll score big with any of he effects here on Theory 11.
  4. yea i think anything bought on theory11 will be a a good purchase, but i REALLY love the effect, but i havent done any other coin effects :( so my question is, is this a good way to get into coin magic?
  5. i would get in the beginning there were coins by penguin magic and bobos modern coin magic first
    a few months with those and youll be able to do ALOTT of stuff
  6. We have sperate forum places for this. Either go to Product Reviews/ Product Questions or Coin Magic forums.
  7. yea i know i posted this in the wrong place.... but i can't delete this thread... idk why. so i geuss it'll have to stay.
  8. As a beginner, get what excites you, and try stuff that you find really cool! If you think the trick is fun you'll more likely perform it with a sense of fun! I love cards and when Justin Miller put out silver dream, I obsessed about it forever it seems, purchased it and learned how to perform it well, and clean and have made it my own. It's the only coin effect I do, but I get great reactions and I've never gotten tired performing it either.

    Just my two kunucks...

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