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  1. Hello guys! I've been flourishing for about 7months now, and i wanted to make a little video charting my improvement as a cardist and get more comments on the net so that i could improve! So I've done a short flourish video called Paradise Falls.
    I got my idea from the movie UP. It was one of my favourite movies of all time and I wanted to make a little tribute to this wonderful movie. The music in the clip is made by Pogo, and contains sound clips from the actual movie itself, collated to become a song. Very cool indeed!
    With that: I present you, Paradise Falls.

    I must admit, the video is lacking of many flourishes. However its my first time trying out fliming and editing my flourishes, and i must admit, i was very nervous. Many flourishes did not turn up to the way I wanted it to be, so i decided to only include those i was happy about. I'll do a better job next time! Thanks for viewing and please leave comments, share the video, like it, and if you are so kind enough, please subscribe to my channel.

  2. what you do know you know well, cool video dude:)
  3. it looks like you got those moves down pretty well great video man keep it up
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    Hey guys, thanks for all the compliments! It's much appreciated!

    EDIT: hey guys, I have a small favour to ask of you guys. The first flourish is my own personal creation. I would like to know what you guys think of it. Thanks!
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    it looks great its short and simple and has some nice spins to it but i think if you build up a little more speed it would look even better. but remember to keep it smooth and fluent. those are just my thoughts on it anyways great move!
  6. Thanks for the comments! I would defintely try to pick up speed on my next flourish vid! Thank you once again!
  7. Sweet vid, What deck are you useing? And if you know, what deck is Chris Mayhew using in The Hole Thing?????
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    I was using White Lions and Vintage Design Bikes: Tangent Back. Those are two great decks of cards, I would recommend it to anyone using them.
    I just saw the trailer. I believe he was using the red Bee Stingers.
  9. But the deck he's using is blue, and I'm pretty sure there not stingers, I'm pretty sure there not even Bee.
  10. I'm not sure though, I saw the trailer and I'm quite positive the deck is the stingers. Might be wrong though:)

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