Deck Review: Diamond Marked Cards by Diamond Jim Tyler

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  1. Deck Review: Diamond Marked Cards by Diamond Jim Tyler

    Knowledge is power.

    In a magic performance or when playing cards, it is important to be a step ahead. Owning a marked deck of cards is a diabolical secret weapon.
    However, many devised marking systems are complicated or so small that they are hard to read.

    Diamond Playing Cards are DJT’s solution.

    The box is black with a matte finish and arouses intrigue.
    The mysterious Celtic Diamond conjures up an old world feel and is raised and printed in a silver foil ink.
    The almost hidden black on black ambigram that reads ‘diamond’ hints that there are surprises to come.
    The stylistic metallic seal completes the presentation.

    The cards are printed on USPCC’s finest stock with an air-cushioned finish.
    A subtle one-way element has been added to make locating a selection simple.

    But the best part is hidden in plain sight... There is an easy to read marking system for each card.

    Diamond Playing Cards will turn heads and allow card workers to perform miracles.

    Get yours here:

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