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  1. I have been hearing alot of reviews of the gimmick being really fragile and breaking on day one. Is this true? My smiley gimmick and my STC gimmick both broke really easily and fast and I dont want this to be another 40$ down the drain. (STC didnt really break but the hole was expanded a bit for whatever reason so when I got it the gimmick was completely noticeable and wasnt even worth trying to perform with it, People i practiced on saw it as soon as i brought it out)
  2. Hey Zedqt,

    I have been performing with this many times and I love it. To answer your question, no, the gimmick doesn't break very easily, it just requires a gentle touch. By gentle touch , I don't mean that you need to handle it as if you were a complete beginner at using loops. Handle it with care. It's actually really easy, and I have had no problems with it.
    I just submitted a review to the product page of Decoy after performing it a lot if you want to see an in depth review on it.
    If you want to read it when it's up, my name is Shawn Allison.

    If you have any other questions on it, I would be happy to answer them for you.
  3. I also had a question. When you first get it, can you only choose one deck to use it on, then can't use it for another deck without a refill, or can you use it with any deck, say use it on monarchs, then use the same gimmick a little later on say another deck? Or is it once its formatted for one deck, you can't use it on another?
  4. Once you choose the deck that you want to use, then you're stuck with that one unless you get a different decoy deck as a refill.
  5. Ok thanks! Just wanted to know... Now I have to choose wisely...
  6. one more question: Does it work with borderless cards?
  7. No unfortunately not. The card must have a white border otherwise it will not work. Just get some bicycle deck cards
  8. Ok, i have lots of them lying around, i was just wondering if I could use my really old bee deck for it, oh well.
  9. If I use it with a blue bicycle deck, can I use it later on a different blue bicycle deck?
  10. Yep! It could be used in a different deck of the same style and color.

    // L

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