Difference between "Best" cards and "Bee" decks

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  1. I've been eyeing the "Bee" decks for some time now, and I came across a "Best" deck that belonged to a friend when I went to his house. The tuck case was extremely similar, except that it was "Best" instead of "Bee". The cards were also the same: thick, diamond-backed and borderless.
    But the "Best" pack sucked. It was super stiff, and I could barely riffle shuffle it. It was also super-hard to elmsley count with, because the cards kept sliding off, even thought the backs were super rough. Before then I hadn't even heard of "Best" before, and I wanted to know if "Bee" was any similar, because they look so alike.
  2. There are tons of "Bee" ripoffs that use names like "Beer" or in your case "Best". From my experience, they're usually pretty trash. Bees are better quality.
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  3. Probably a cheap knock off

    Stick with the good stuff, spending $3 once is better than having to spend $1 ten times.
  4. Thanks. I got a bit nervous back there! I mean, if "Bee" was like that... What would the other cards be like!

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