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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by borntoperform, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Really. Then why have I been a member for over a year and never seen a comment that exposes?
    Believe me, I hate exposure as much as the next guy. But just categorizing a group of people because they "expose" is wrong. Especially when that is really not true. Maybe you're thinking of YouTube. Besides, I didn't digg a trick, I dugg the fact that there was a new magic store. Therefore I feel that it should be dugg and known to a greater audience.
  2. Please don't. We don't need this to become like E. Whenever they release a new product, it gets pirated and exposed to hell and back. People who want to know about the site will find out about it anyways.
  3. Just trust me, it is also true with youtube. You don't need to expand this to a huge audience of non magicians. I've been with digg for a couple of years, they even dugg up tutorials on how to do 10 tricks such as "SINFUL" and others.


    CHAINZERO you are on the spot. Even the loops dvd was pirated a couple days after it was released. I don't want this to beocme like E.
  4. I remember a while back there was a page called 10 Best Magic Tutorials... I don't want to call you a liar, but there has been a fair amount of either directly or indirectly exposed material on Digg.
  5. seriously digg has been horriable with exposure... it begins already...
  6. Hey Guys,

    To be honest, I don't blame borntoperform for wanting to Digg something as great as this. Everyone is on fire right now, and who wouldn't want to share this with the rest of the world?

    That being said, I do understand both sides of the spectrum. So if you'd like to Digg it -- do so. If not, sweet. Either way, what we have here is something that will truly change magic forever.

    I look forward to talking to each one of you in the very near future. There's so much more to come. This is only the beginning.
  7. Ever think that "born to perform" is just Penguin magic trying to screw this site up? Tht is their slogan--"born to perform"
  8. YES you have caught me.

    No. This is just the username I used on the Penguin Magic forums.
    nice try though.

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