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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by OwnerM, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I just ordered Distortion.

    How do I know if I'm getting one of the 300 advanced copies?

    (Well, someone had to ask it...)

  2. And I am having problems with it, it isn't redirecting right and I am getting an error. Any suggestions?
  3. I think when they run out of 300 you just cant buy any more. So if you bought it your getting it. I think, I hope so.
  4. This is 100% correct. If your order went through, you're one of the lucky few... and that rhymed. Dana, drop me a beat!

  5. Woooo hoooo!!!!!!

    and here you go, jonraiker

    BOOM Ba Da BOOM BOOM Ba Da....

  6. That's a bit annoying. I was going to save up for it!
  7. My order got through a couple of seconds ago (DisTortion & a couple of Guardians), so it seems that that glitch has been fixed, and there are still copies..at least I think.

  8. <------Drops a wicked Beatbox
  9. Haha I got Distortion and 6 packs of Guardians... I'm totally stoked. Everyone, order quick!
  10. Hey, whoever got the super fast shipping {you suck! :) } make sure to post a review!
  11. Whew...my order went through so I should be getting it sometime next week...AWESOME! Although there was a glitch with my address when I saw my receipt and I hope that customer support fixes it before they ship my order.
  12. Wait a sec, I just read Wayne Houchin saying that this 300 thing is just a pre-release thing, and that they will be stocking it officialy on Oct 1. IM CONFUSED.
  13. This is correct. We released a limited run of 300 just for launch. The official release (available to everyone exclusively at theory11) will be on October 1st. Does that make sense?
  14. Ok, that clears things up. Why 300? Does W:H like that movie?
  15. Why 300?

    My guess is this: this is a special test market offer. Those who ordered early will feel special about owning early, will write reviews and talk about it, building interest, so when the October 1st date rolls around, the site gets a lot of orders for not only this trick but the others that are coming out on that day.

    ---And there's nothing wrong with this as a marketing move. It's fun for the consumers and very effective, too.

    Hell, it worked on me. I bought mine outright. I'll have it next week and you bet your a-- that I'll be performing it, reviewing it and talking about it.
  16. 300 sounds like a test batch to me. They ordered a small amount to make sure the printing quality and everything was good and everything goes smoothly. They don't want to buy 10,000 only to have them all produced poorly. If these 300 go out without a hitch then they'll be sure to have more (That is if they haven't already quality checked and decided already)

    Theres also the possibility that they couldn't get enough produced in time for release, and rather than have no products available they figured they would release what they had for the public to get a taste of Theory 11.

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