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  1. Hey! It is good to see you! You look great! Also, I would like to show a video. My promo video. I did not have a promo video for 6 years and finally I have decided to make it (did not need it back then). And now I do not know, is it good.

    Here is the link:

    What do you think? Do I need to improve it? Thank you! This means a lot!

    P.S. If you have a minute, could take a look at my website ( It is in different language, but verdict of overall feeling would be nice. Once again, thank you!
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  2. Thank you!
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  3. It looks great, I've been needing to make a sizzle reel for a long time, but I very rarely have someone with me to record reaction shots and such.
    And the website looks fine considering I can't read a word of it :p
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  4. Thank you! :)
  5. Love it man. Probably one of the best promo videos I've seen in a long time. Clearly you had someone do it who knows what they are doing :) Ha. And if you made that all yourself....even better.
  6. My verdict is that this video could, and should, be improved. In my opinion, it is a *stellar* amateur production. But it does smack of some degree of amateurity. When you do something we can understand and we can see what the reaction to it is, that's great. When you do something and we don't understand what you're doing (or get a reaction to what you just did) that's not so great.

    I think many of the cuts are far too short and serve no purpose save to demonstrate that you have performed before others in the past. So, for example, from 13s to 14.5s we see you holding up a ring. This shows that you have held up a ring before an audience, but not much more than that. (I suppose we get a 1s shot which includes some smiling faces, but most folks will probably just see the ring, and not the smiles.)

    So I'd say too many cuts and too many short sequences. Focus more on playing some effect to great value (lots of laughs). In some cases, it seems like you're using cuts to produce laughs after some other effect (we know not what) apparently took place. For the most part, I wouldn't do that.

    From about 15.5s to 16.5s we see you saying something at a mic. For a single second. What is the point? To let people know that you have used a microphone before? If so, there are probably better ways of doing so. This single second cut doesn't add value other than letting folks know you've performed before, and that can, I would think, be demonstrated better in other ways. Also, that you have performed before isn't what's interesting. What people want to know is how your performances have been received. I would devote more focus to that angle instead of just cutting together too many short clips of you doing god knows what.

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