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Do you belong to the WITNESS email session?


theory11 artist
Aug 31, 2007
Eugene, Oregon
Hola everyone,

Are you (or someone you know) interested in improving your performance/handling of WITNESS?

Here's your answer - be a part of the WITNESS email session.

It's fun, free, and filled with great tips and thoughts for you to be inspired and improve.

Sign up now and prepare to receive:

* Hidden video links
* Digital goodies
* Several quality WITNESS ideas
* New found credits to expand your knowledge
* plus a whole bunch more

Click here now to join the WITNESS email session.

This will help you make the difference between good and GREAT, and knowing is half the battle.

See you over there...


ps. if you have any questions, please email me at

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Yes this has been posted before. Remember that I'm trying to get a hold of everyone who has WITNESS. People purchase it at different times. If I only posted once, then they miss out. So I post this every few weeks to get them involved. That's why you see it a few times, and continue to. Thanks for understanding.
Feb 6, 2008
Hey Hey,

Is this strictly for those with the Witness DVD? Or, can those with the Thinking Out Loud notes join as well?


Dave G.

Deleted member 2755

The Witness newsletter doesn't flat out reveal Witness. He speaks so that only those who own Witness would understand what he's talking about. So don't worry. This effect is not revealed at all when signing up. :) (Of course... You should own Witness before signing up....)

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