Do you perform and practice Cardistry to impress?

From a magicians point of view a vast majority of it all looks the same except for a few exceptions. I use it as a comedy release during my close-up show at one point and that's pretty much it. I don't think I'll ever learn anymore than what I have down so I'm curious of the same thing.
Nov 25, 2016
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Hey ,

Honestly what motivates me is that it practically is art and well once you learn different flourishes, it not only pleases you but its a pretty satisfying feeling to watch too .......
Oct 14, 2017
I never do Cardistry to impress anyone... well I mean like laymen. It's pretty cool to show it to other cardists because they understand mechanics and have knowledge of the art of cardistry. Experienced cardists also know how long it takes to create something cool.
Aug 15, 2017
What does motivate you to learn and practice Cardistry?
well, since am not a cardist, I think I can answer this question well, since not being a cardist means I wanna do all the knuckle-breaking flourishes too but I would need a LOT of motivation for that.
I think the first thing I like about cardistry is that it looks so much closer to the stereotypical definition of 'art' than magic. It looks as if the cards are dancing in your hands.
Also, they attract people really well. You know the times when you don't actually want to go and ask people if they want to see your magic? One of the best ways to attract audience is to perform cardistry when you know they are looking.
Speaking as a magician, sometimes you just don't wanna do magic even when someone asks for it. That is the time I show cardistry to people. Satisfies them pretty well.
And I dunno if I am being insulting to the art of cardistry when I say that

Ever seen how a simple flourish gets more reaction than an amazing miraculous magic effect?
Oct 19, 2015
Do actors, act to impress? Do Jugglers, juggle to impress? Do painters paint to impress?....All forms of magic is an art form, including cardistry! We do art to entertain, surprise, and amaze people, not to impress them. Maybe in some cases they are impressed, but that is not the is a only a possible outcome!
Sep 9, 2017
Well I started with Cardistry and when I try to learn magic I find myself getting bored and can't bring myself to spending hours and hours digging through a book and practicing the boring beginner mechanics that you just have to get down(but I'm still new and I'm sure there's magic that fits more in my alley besides the common tabletop work and such I just haven't found what I like yet). I practice it every now and then but I just can't make it my main focus. And besides that I have nobody to practice magic on so there's just no point for me. And if I do spend days or weeks on a magic trick it will just completely fail the moment I try to show it to someone and my hands literally start spraying sweat and my t-shirt is soaked within 5 minutes(this is no joke). It would take me years of personal guidance and practice on other people to get over that and I'm not getting such intense guidance.

And personally I'm looking for more instant gratification as for me Cardistry is very therapeutic and I've always loved juggling with things of all sorts. Contact juggling - Flowers stick- Regular juggling - Hacky sacking, all that kind of coordination type stuff. This was a natural thing for me to do with pretty much any object I'd get my hands on. I would try to find the balance point of it and see how I could make use of physics and my own body to interact with the object. And I know that I'm really good at these things because it's all about feeling and I got that by the boat full, I could contact juggle with my eyes closed because all I had to do was feel it. So for me it was also a natural step that when I noticed Cardistry to get into that because that was pretty much the outlet for all my energy and imagination that I will ever need!

Impressing people for me is just a really side-effect to it :p Because I always loved to entertain people and carrying a deck of cards just amplifies what I already did before Cardistry. But when I find myself sharing my videos I actually feel hesitant because I don't like to do it for the ego boost. I just like to share my skills and as well and more importantly come up with new Cardistry effects because there's so much room for growth there it's like an untapped well.

Also I find that the attention span of the common people has really been going down over the years, I contribute much of this to smartphones - facebook - twitter - whatsapp and all that stuff. The oldskool magic is just not interesting enough anymore for them. I know I hurt peoples feelings there and don't get me wrong this is just how I see the development. And there's a reason all these younger kids are jumping on the Cardistry train because it's more gratifying and it's very visual it does not require complicated thought. (well honestly I think it does because understanding physics really helps and will make the difference between a good and bad Cardist). But the main thing is that anyone can just instantly get into it and learn a 1 handed cut or a fan. It won't take very long before you have your first gratifying moment of success!

But at the same time Cardistry still stems from magic and more people have become interested in performing magic again and learning about it. So however you put it, the fact that a whole new younger generation is getting into it again through Cardistry is only positive for magic in general *In my opinion*. And sure change is hard especially if you spent 50 years perfecting your table - close-up game and well the younger generation just won't be very interested in that anymore.. nor will they even be able to follow wtf is going on anyways.. So these complicated routines just go over peoples head.

Well that's my take on it, a bit more than just being about impressing people, because sure it is about that for some people but if that is your main motivation well that's arguably not the best motivation haha.
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Jun 13, 2013
I've had the honor of sharing the table with some very skilled magicians and they all had some cardistry moves up their sleeves. Bottom line is: while practicing magic, you're not really using all the muscles from your hand. Cardistry uses a lot of your finger muscles.

Learning and mastering Cardistry moves will make learning magic mechanics/sleights much more easier. It will SMOOTHEN the way you handle the deck. It's like stretching your body before performing acrobatics.

that's my 2 cents.
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