Does anyone live in Australia's NSW Central Coast?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mini magician, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. does anyone here live on the central coast in NSW aussie
  2. what are you talking about???????

    i have seen some people with NSW in their location
  3. i think he was replying to the witness contest video part.

    i live in NSW

    about 2 hours south of sydney, a town called Nowra. right near there.

    i like the fact there aren't many magicians and also hate it. it'd be good to go to a convention or something, or just be able to learn in person. i know the stuff i teach my brother he picks up so fast because i teach him in the flesh. you can communicate all the subtle details and answer questions. it's the best way.

    where abouts are you from?
  4. Australian magicians.
    Hmm, I'm currently in Malaysia and will be moving to Perth early next year for educational purposes. Will anyone be in my area?
  5. are there any people in Melbourne?
  6. we should all just pick a place or event. a festival or something, make a set list or type of tricks, then all meet up there and do a massive street performance rotating magicians around.

    like a relay or something. you do a trick then i do, then he or she does for just everyone. and film it.

    the aussie day out.

    maybe not
  7. Meeeeeeeeeeee :D
  8. hey talonz lol

    im liverpool syd
  9. I like this idea :p

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