Does your Tycoon deck come with a stack?

Apr 18, 2021
Here's something strange.

My ivory Tycoon deck was purchased from T11's office website, everything is sealed properly. However, when I first took the deck out of the tuck, I saw the 56 cards were mixed in a random order, they ware not arranged in a new deck order (aces to king, king to ace; heart club diamond and spade).

Below is the picture I took when I take the cards out for the first time, spot the strangeness and immediately spread them onto the table. I did not shuffle the deck at all, not once.
View attachment 5136

It was well sealed, the deck is new, I don't see or feel any sign of used.
Did anyone of you ever experience something like this before? Is this some sort of stack that I didn't know? I really don't see any patterns there.
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