Double Faced Cards

Mar 27, 2009
I got 2 decks of double faced cards alittle while ago. I was wondering if thier are any tricks that I can do with them. I mainly got them to do Dream of aces/mcdonalds aces (what ever its called). I think I heard of a trick called Valentine or something like that that uses double faced cards.

Any way, any ideas will be thankfuly recieved
you can use double facers for lots of routines: The valentine that you mean is also known as true love from oz pearlman, which is 9,99$ at penguin, and you can also do astral projection by jay sankey, if you watch the trailer you can figure it out ( uses double facer's). let your creativity play, invent a r outine and send it to theory 11, they may publish it.:D
Jun 10, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
Well, you could come up with a handling of the Anniversary Waltz, you could get Richard Sanders 'show vol.1' DVD and perform his awesome non-rough and smooth invisible deck type routine, you could perform some impossible transpo type effects...

Nov 29, 2008
Check out "Encyclopedia of Card Tricks." They have a whole chapter dedicated effects utilizing double-faced cards.
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