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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sol, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I have been practicing the double lift, but some times i end up lifting more then 2. what is the best way to make sure you always get 2 with out looking obvious or going back and trying again?
  2. I always get a break under 2 by using my thumb to pull two up. then turn them over
  3. You need to use patter. I like the idea of taking the top card gester with it and catch a break under the top card of the deck so when you put the single card back down you have a break already set for you and you just open and close it like a book.
  4. How long have you been practicing? It's going to take a long time for you to get it down good enough to do it with no set up cleanly.
    Just keep practicing. That will happen at first, it should get better.
  5. Bevel the top of the deck towards you and slide your free hand's thumb up the deck. You'll be able to see the top two cards clearly. Then catch a pinky or a thumb break, and use a time misdirection - start talking to the people about something relative to the trick, and they'll forget the action you just made. Then proceed with your lift / turnover.
  6. I think what you're trying to accomplish is the Strike Double Lift.

    You just have to feel for it man. Just keep practice getting two slowly and speed will come with time.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replys. I will just keep at it.
  8. It really depends on the double ye try to acomplish. If it is, as VT suggested, the Strike DL, I have little to say; but, for a break DL, I would say a SOFT touch to the cards whilst sliding them, and try and feel each one go on the pad of yer 2nd and 3rd fingertips; thenget the 4th finger break. Or a push-off DL which I'd suggest the same things.
  9. I think I may have a solution to this dilemma. I agree with everyone here and from what my teacher had taught me "there is no magic without misdirection....none" so yes it is key to the tecnique. While recapping what has or is going to happen, wrist kill your arm;while in mechanix grip, turn your hand/palm down. While doing this, get the motion as if you were in motion to do a stike second (pushing off two cards with the pad of the left thumb), but instead of pulling back on the top card to do a deal (all while ur palm is turing down) pull back and get a pinky break under both. ONLY at this point after ze insertion of ze pinky do you execute ze double lift sleight. That's how i've done it for years. >.< Anyone have any other ideas? XD
  10. thats a push over get ready DL
  11. Thanks for the advice
  12. double lift..

    ;)Hey there buddy!! Only just joined this forum. But after pratising magic for over 7 years the best way to master anything in magic is pratice pratice pratice pratice!!! just stick to it and Iam sure it will all come together. good luck. :cool:
  13. First of all,never pull up on the cards like your counting or running your thumb at the back of the deck.Once you have a break pull the rest of the pack down!just alittle.Then do your move.To get a pinky break.Place the deck in machanics grip,then tuck your ring finger under pack,then with your pinky start counting down the cards.this will make your pinky stronger,practice this about a billion times,smooth it out to look like nothings going on other than you squaring the pack.
  14. You can do a top change, which in most cases accomplishes in all practicality the same thing, or you can also use a second, bottom, greak, or center deal. But if these moves are too advnced for you, i just push off cards as though i am about to deal a card off, but then i slide them back, and this is when i get my break. Practice that move in front of a mirror until you can do it smoothly. (the pick up included). then, practice while you watch TV, and whenever you are just holding a deck of cards in your hands. then, when you can do it without thinking. And remember, you get the break on an off moment where attention is shifted away from your hands momentarily. Practice, practice, practice. Good luck. Learn this move well. It will open your doors in cards exponentially. I hope this has been helpful.
  15. I just started learning the double lift and I can't seem to make the cards look as if they were one single card when I turn them around. Is there a way to prevent the cards from slipping because the people I showed it to all saw the two cards. Is there really a way or do I just need more practice? Thanks.
  16. I would suggest looking at Chapter 1 of Expert Card Technique by Hugard and Braue, or if video is more your thing Jason England has some great advice in his double lift download and he is great about giving advice if you still need help after that
  17. I use the Larry Jenning's Snap Double. but honestly it sounds like a practice issue
  18. Getting a break is certainly something you should do(obviously). You can do a pinky count, or take Vernon's advice and riffle up on the back of the deck until you end up with only two cards above the thumb, and get a break below it.

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