double turnover, last ditch effort

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    Yeah I'd say, from watching the video, that your turning-over motion seems a little slow, which might be making gravity work against you a bit. Not sure, but maybe if your turnover was a tiny bit quicker and more fluid? The video isn't a great way to judge, though.

    If you want to downgrade the difficulty a little, it's much easier to do this without the initial pushover. The pushover, I've found, is the difficult part.

    Edit: After paying closer attention to the way I do my turnovers, I realized that I don't let the cards fall on the deck: I catch them between my left thumb and index+ring fingers, and angle up for display. So that allows for instant squaring up, which means I don't have to worry about separation, but it means my technical advice on your turnover isn't helpful. :)

    As a bigger picture comment, if you're relatively new to this, I might suggest considering whether it's more important to you to master the absolutely perfect double turnover, or whether it's more important to get a "pretty good" (but slightly less technically difficult) turnover that allows you to move forward with your performances, and keep working on the 100%-perfect, falling-back-on-the-deck turnover in the meantime.
  2. one thing i noticed is most magicians dont have a great double turnover. You can always square the cards as they land on the deck as long as you don't let them get too far out of line, which isnt that difficult, and usually fool lay people

    that said, it's obviously good, and possible to keep them perfectly aligned, but it takes practice, and from what i've seen most magicians, especially amateurs, don't take that practice

    i was doing it on people who knew the move and got paranoid.

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