Dream job in magic?


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Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
This gonna be more rambling and quickly written than some of my other threads but it’s something I’ve always thought about.

Magic consultant:
This is something I’ve always wanted to be. I’d love to work with AGT, carbanoro effect, etc. on making the tricks and presentations. I feel like this is most peoples in all honesty

Personality for a magic company-
I’m almost certain this one is dead tbh.
The age of weekly YouTube shoes like “the shift”, “exposè”, and Rick lax’s weekly penguin magic videos seem to be a thing of the past. I do quite miss them tbh. (Yes I realize this wasn’t there sole job with these companies just something a middle school 010rusty always wanted to do)

Cruise performer- performing on a cruise was always something I’d put down on “my dream job” list at career day. Shockingly I was always told this was “a realistic goal” for me because “you are that good” #HumbleBrag
But I always thought it would be an awesome experience even tho I’m not a massive stage performer.

Magic teacher- this is one I’m genuinely not good enough for but I would love to write books, make DVDs, and even in person classes.
I’m too long winded and could talk hours on 1 move.

Work in a magic shop within an amusement park- NOW THIS MY ABSOLUTE DREAM FOR YEARS.
I’d love performing, demoing, and selling the future of magic inside of a location that just generates people having a good time. My hardest thing about performing for strangers is finding people who want to have a good time and currently in the mood. I just love the idea of having a place full of happy people who CHOSE to go to a place where they will see magic. Plus I believe some will let you live inside the hotels in the park and the room and board are included with salary (like Kerri in Zack and Cody) wich just sounds awesome. Ever since @obrienmagic got a job with Disney
It’s been something I’ve dreamed about.

So that’s my short rambly list I may add more to it later. What about you guys?
What’s your dream job
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Sep 13, 2008
"Dream job"? Simple - Performing.

More specifically, performing in a regularly occurring parlor situation like Steve Cohen or Aiden Sinclair. I prefer smaller audiences where I can really lean into that intimacy, and the freedom of creating and performing whatever material I want. It does take time to build up to being able to sell enough tickets to earn a living wage, though.

I love being on stage. I love creating material and bringing it to life in a shared experience with an audience.

It's fun to create products and see those sales happen, sure. I have ideas that I will likely never use myself so I might as well put them out for others to make use of. However, that's never been my passion. My passion is that visceral interaction between the performer and the audience. That is magic in its purest form, in my opinion.


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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
So, it's a bit of combination of @010rusty's goals.

I would like to be the person that designs the magic shows and hires and trains the magicians for an upscale cruise ship line. Yeah, I've even gone as far to develop three shows - an illusion / stage show, a parlor show and a mentalism show. Next probably is a close up show. Got to keep the imagination going.
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