Dual Climax or Only One?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ayli, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I came up with an effect that has two variations, either with a single climax or two climaxes. I'm not sure if two climaxes would be over doing it. The trick would be done with two spectators or an audience divided.

    The effect goes as follows:

    A card is chosen from a shuffled deck. One spectator (or one half of the audience) sees the entire face of the card. The card is then shown to the second spectator (or other half of the audience) and is placed face down on the table. When the first spectator is asked what card he saw, the response is "the 4 of hearts". The second spectator is asked the same question, but they respond "the ace of spades". The card in question is turned face up, only to have a BLANK face.

    Now that is version one. Version two is the same, except not only is the card blank but the ENTIRE deck is shown to be blank and can be examined.

    Which version do you think would go over better?
  2. Ohh, the sexual innuendo's one could come up with for that question....

    Personally I think that for this trick it wont matter to your audience, but it's always nice to have that extra kicker. I would use the blank deck and add some interesting patter. Maybe about projecting a thought into their head so both sides see something different, then you stop and show that none of the cards had faces.

    Good idea btw, I may have to think of a handling for this.

    Good luck,
  3. I would advise using the first version. The effect is based around 2 spectators seeing a single card differently, the deck is not really involved in it. I seriously doubt the deck being shown blank will make the effect any more powerful. It just isn't particularly logical for this to happen.

    You shouldn't use extra climaxes unless they're directly related to the effect.
  4. What he said.

    Spectator cuts to the aces is a good trick, if you then show a blank deck, it enhances the effect. It's about the drama and presentation.

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