Electric Touch #3

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  1. This is the third thread that I know of now, with the title of Electric Touch. I have looked for answers on other threads, but drawn a blank. I have a couple of questions about this for those of you in the know.

    1. If the magician has it switched on/active, can he/she pick up an ordinary household light bulb with bare hands and have it light?

    2. If yes, then can a spectator pick one up, and then have it light up when the magician rests a hand on their shoulder, like we have heard can be done with cards sticking to walls. I am thinking of a certain scene from "The Prestige" which some of you may remember.

    3. Someone mentioned something happening if the magician put his hands on or near a bush at one point, like sparks running across the leaves or some such. What is this?

    4. Can you really have a heap of mixed up salt and pepper and have it separate? What has the magician to do in this scenario? Do you just hold your hand over it, and then move it to on side, and it takes all of the pepper with it or what?

    5. It has been mentioned that electricity can be made to jump from the hands of the magician in a visible spark. How far can this be? I would assume that it's only a few centimeters, if that. Is this right?

    6. Someone said you can cause confetti to move about a little by moving your hands over it. CAn this be done with any such small matter? Could you cause someone's hair to rise up by moving hands over it?

    Any and all answers appreciated.

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