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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by D21400, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. When I need to do the double push off they always split.

    Can anyone Help me?

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  2. well try adding a bit more pressure between the middle finger and thumb as ur pushing over
    try pushing the double off more at the edge
  3. For me, it helps to hold the cards right at the edge, also when you do it, use your finger underneath the cards to put some pressure upwards when you push the two across with your thumb. When you push with your thumb, put down a bit of pressure.

    Combine all your things and you will be well on your way
  4. I would actually recommend the opposite.. It works best when I don't put to much pressure at all. Just a gentle push with my right thumb at the edge of the right side works best for me. Also, keep in mind that the cards will be in motion, making it very difficult to spot a tiny flash.
  5. Practice more.

    And experiment. Try doing it with more pressure. Try doing it with less. Try doing it 300 more times, and see if you still have the problem. Usually, the last option fixes things. There's no secret move that'll suddenly make the Elmsley easier; only practice.

    I had a similar problem when I first started performing the Elsmley with a triple push off - they always split. You know what the issue was? I just needed to practice more.
  6. actually, its OK if they split, since the result that they'll spread slightly as two cards after you take them which is what its supposed to look, you're holding 2 cards. If its a triple, you need to be more careful. Try pushing down with the right thumb.

    . The idea is to appear as if you're taking cards with your LEFT thumb, NOT pushing cards with your right thumb and taking cards. ( this is if you take the cards into a dealing grip). The reason you push is to make taking two cards with the left thumb possible.

    If re-read Card College's description with this in mind, as important as it is its mentioned very briefly.
  7. try as lo as you can, don't too fast. hold you thum and move your point and middle finger.
  8. Rather than pushing the top cards over, try to pull the bottom card out.
  9. I came in here to say exactly what Ben Long just posted - pull the bottom card out. This also means that it shouldn't matter whether you're dealing with a double, triple or even quadruple, as the mechanics will be the same.

    A natural and deceptive Elmsley count is one of the card magician's most potent weapons.

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