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  1. Hello all. I have created a powerful gimmick involving bicycle cards. Because of the time and relative expense for making the cards, I am trying to find a marker/ink that can be erased or removed cleanly without ruining the card. The effects possible with these gimmicks are wonderful and really require the signature of a spectator on the card itself (as opposed to putting on a sticker or something to mark it). I have tried many different writing utinsils and have not found any that are removable without some sort of permanent marking. If anyone has any ideas, I would be very eager to hear them.
  2. how about an erasible board marker. the kind they use in schools. although if your planning to write on the card and erase it it works bests with hoil cards.
  3. Well, I think the best thing for you to do is to find a fine tip dry erase marker (if they even make those). Using the regular ones will look kind of.....awkward.

    Let me know if that helps ya.

  4. There is this pen I know (can't think of the name) that if you shine light on it it disappears. Would that work?
  5. Does light make the ink disappear only when the light is on it and does it reappear when the light is taken off of it? Does light remove it completely...permanently? I would be very interested in it if it removes the writing completely and permanently.
    Please let me know.
    Thanks a lot.
  6. Frixon pens, that would be pretty dumb to do.
    "Lemme just shine my flashlight on the card...."

    Have you tried these? They sell them at all art stores:
  7. would be like' no watxch...the dark ink, is afraid of the bright light and *shines light*runs away*
  8. It could also disappear to sunlight exposure. I will have to test it out when I buy one.
  9. Yes I have actually, and several other crayola type markers. They do erase some but leave permanent smudgy stains. I guess the air cushion fininsh on the bicycle cards don't allow for erasing. I haven't tried any other type of card yet. Perhaps another type will work better.
  10. unless your gimmick is heat sensitive (meaning contraptions will melt, possibly catch fire, and such unless used properly) theres a certain pen with ink properties that visually vanish due to heat:D

    think it was by matthieu bich
  11. sharpie is erasable on jerry nuggets

    (results may vary)
  12. Is it really? How do I find these cards???
  13. HaHa,
    Good luck finding them for under 100 Dollars.
    Check out the pen by Mathui Bich at his website.

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