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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am going to be reviewing the new Erlanger Tallies. This will only be a first impressions review as I want to let you know exactly what has changed. Let's get right in.


    This box is similar to the Ohio Tallies but it does have some differences. The front of the box is exactly the same but the back is a little different. While the back design is still there, it is smaller. What I mean by this is that the back design is there but the white borders on it is much larger. I think this makes the box look worse, not better. At the bottom of the back it says "Original Circle Back". It has a black seal that says "The U.S Playing Card Company". Another difference is the bottom of the box (opposite of the top flap). It says all of the Jarden Corporation stuff and says Erlanger Kentucky. The sides say "The U.S Playing Card Company" and then "Linoid Finish, Made in U.S.A.". The original boxes will say the finish on one side and then have Cincinnati, Ohio on the other side.

    So I really just described the box for collectors but this isn't a deck that you will want to collect any time soon!

    Ad Cards and Such:

    You get 1 full joker that is basically a guy holding a whip and a guarantee joker that has all of USPCC's normal guarantees. You also get 2 ad cards that advertise for custom bicycle decks. Nothing special really.

    Look of the Cards:

    These cards look exactly the same as their Cincinnati counterparts and honestly, I rather like the look. It is the well known Circle on the back and Pirouettes look rather nice with this deck. The court cards and everything else looks like a standard USPCC deck. I love the Ace of Spades in this deck. It is a very extravagant Ace with TALLY~HO across the top with an Ace of Spades with a wheel inside of it. Really nice looking card and the wheel inside the ace looks good in pirouettes as well. Nice looking cards.


    This is an extremely slippery finish. I can't even do a normal flourish with them because the cards slip everywhere. Good thing about that though is that they fan well and spread well. If you are an avid fanner, definitely check this deck out. Double lifts and other such things are OK but I feel that these cards are a little too slippery. I like slippery cards as well but these cards take it a little too far. Even some fans won't stay together. They slide and fall apart. Really, really annoying. Overall, I don't think this is a good deck for beginners as they are very hard to control.


    Here is the worst part about this deck. It has astoundingly thin stock (at least for normal USPCC decks). If not thin, extremely floppy. The decks can be sprung (?) without any effort at all as soon as you open the box. And Le Paul Spreads are very easy as well. This is a bad thing for several reasons. The cards crimp like crazy! One spring and the cards looked like they were sitting in my usually hot mailbox for 3 hours! You would think that dribbles would be nice with suck soft stock but with all the crimps, the dribbles come out very choppy. Horrible stock and it doesn't even compare with Ohio decks. Also, the sides of the cards are extremely rough. Not very good for taking packets.

    Really quite sad.


    Like I said before, the cards fly everywhere and slip too much for good flourishes. If you are a fan lover though, they are pretty nice. Not a pressure fan lover but a thumb fan lover. Even putting a little bit too much pressure on the cards will crimp them.


    Because these cards are quite hard to control, they are not good for magic. While double lifts do stay together and the clipshift should be quite easy with the combination of soft stock and slippery finish, other moves are difficult or not advised. For example, palms would be horrible because the bends would be impossible to get out. Many gambling moves slide out of my hands and I don't like that at all.

    Overall, this deck is recommended only if you want to have some cards to completely destroy.

    I give this deck a 5/10

    Hope you guys enjoyed the review.

    Note: Not all decks with black seals are from Kentucky. USPCC started to put black seals on deck boxes 8 months before they moved. I have 3 Ohio tallies with black seals. Just look for the differences on the joker. The joker will say where it is from.
  2. Hehe good thing I have a bunch of unopened tally's from Cincinnati :D
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    i have a tally ho deck , on the box it says Cincinnati,ohio but on the guarantee joker it says Erlanger, Kentucky

    can you tell me which one is it i really want to know .

    Note : I ordered my tally ho deck from .
  4. Sorry dude, those are from Kentucky. The bad ones.
  5. That's interesting...I honestly thought Ohio Tallys were "slippery" as well. It was weird. I would put them through all my normal tests(individual moves) and they would out perform a bike but when I would try to string together a sequence of moves they felt "slippery" and hard to handle. I've always liked the Tally Ho stock better when it was used on different cards(Bulldogs, Propogandas, etc.) Never been a fan of the "Linoid" finish. Too bad to hear they are using a cheaper grade stock.

    Great Review BTW!
  6. Yeah, I understand. They got better in terms of finish recently but the stock still sucks.

    Thanks but yours are way better.

    Please keep making reviews!
  7. Ello.
    I have not read the whole review, mostly because I'm too lazy, but I have come to the conclusion that you think this deck sucks, since you only gave it 5/10 and you said that you could buy it to destroy it and so on.... :)

    Anyways, I recently ordered some Ohio tallies, or well they were supposed to be from Ohio. On the box it said Ohio, but it had a black seal and on the joker it said Erlanger, which proves they are made in Erlanger... Moving on.

    Anyways, I ordered 24 of them, and I have only opened one so far, but I just wanted to say that the deck I opened is smooth like butter. It's one of the best decks I've ever handled, no kidding. The only Kentucky remakes of cards I have tried before was Arrcos, and I know they sucked, but it seems like the stock have gotten better. I would easily give this deck a 9/10, maybe even a 10/10. Anyways, you don't have to trust me, but I know that the deck I got is awesome.

  8. I believe that I got some of the very first runs of the Kentucky Tallies. According to J.Bayme, the quality has restored to it's former stature.
  9. For Bikes and Tallies, I believe that. However, my Bees are still failing me.
  10. I wonder if the Arrcos have been getting any better... I bought some and they were utter crap, so I managed to sell them. I don't really dare to try them again, since it most likely will be a waste of money.
  11. I just got one Erlanger Tally-ho and when I opened it, I quickly compared this Erlanger from my Ohio Tally. I think this Erlanger deck isn't a card, think it's a paper. You can hardly make a sound out of a card, and one other thing about this frickin' Erlanger deck, it quickly changes it's shape. Oh, you don't wanna do a LePaul spread in an Erlanger Tally.

    In other words, Ohio decks are still the best.

  12. for some reason, i think erlanger tallies are fairly good.
    i got the ones with the erlanger box(not the ohio)
    and it was almost the same as the ohios

    i have no complaints.
  13. I got Red circle back tally ho with black seal and ohio box (on bottom tally-ho poker 9).
    I think they are good but i never touched chincinati cards. I got aviator bridge from ohio and is awesome but off centered a little bit, but 2nd deck is ok.
    So these tally ho seems ok for me, well i had moments when cards handle little strange - bad fans but i guess i had not breaked them, so now are ok for me they are softer than Bicycle Mandolin i like that like Bee.
    So in very near future i want to buy some more decks and i need more reviews on KY tally ho (box and cards)... Any of you got the cards?
    From my modesty experience 2010 made decks are not very good (bicycle and tally ho)... 2011 better.

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