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Sep 13, 2010
Hello to all!!

I am Vansh Thakur from India. I have been fascinated by Magic since last 7 – 8 months. I couldn’t got any chance to learn about magic. But now here I am. I am completely a beginner, very new to this field.

This is my first post on Theory11 forums, which is going to be quite lengthy. But I hope you(everyone here) will read this completely and will help me in sorting out my problems.

I have posted this thread in the General Section as well as in the Card Magic Section. I was not fully confident to in which Section should I post this as I am going to talk about my career in Magic as general and problems facing in learning a card trick. Moderators can delete my post from any section they think to be unfitted.

As previously said I am completely a newbie, I am curious to learn this beautiful Art. I was searching on net from last 3 days and finally I reached to this fantastic website promoting The Art of Magic – theory11.com. I checked this website from every aspect and I am really happy to be here. On this website, I registered myself and visited the section saying “New to Magic”. There I found a couple of quotes and tips for learning Magic from Experts and Pros and then I clicked on Getting Started. There I found a lot of tricks available. Beside them, two tricks were available for free. I instantly downloaded one of them named”Classic Color Change by Jonathan Bayme (CEO of Theory11)”. I picked this as my first trick because it was in the beginner section and was also free. I thought why not start from this. I just downloaded that and start learning. Jonathan Bayme teaches this very well. I am too practicing this very hard. I have put on this trick more than 7 hours but still I didn’t got this in my hand. I am facing a lot of problems. I am going to mention them here. Firstly, I don’t know how to pick two cards as one as Jonathan Bayme does. I want to know about anything which teaches me this. Secondly, I can’t move the whole deck down leaving only top card stuck to covering hand. Always more than one card are left stuck to covering hand. Ok, if I do this intentionally, I can’t do the next part too. I can’t pull down the card below the top card with the help of base of the figures of covering hand. I always pull down more than one card which doesn’t make any sense. Lastly, I can’t properly square up the deck after the change is completed as I am not feeling comfortable holding the deck. All – in – all, I can’t do this properly from start to finish. In spite of spending more than 7 hours I can’t do this as smoothly as Jonathan Bayme does. This is very demotivating for me. Guys, does this really take so much of time to learn a trick? I need your suggestions and tips on this. Please, Please help!
I want to know if Jonathan Bayme can help me on this?

Ok, beside that I seen Jonathan Bayme performing Card Flourish in this video. This is called Cardistry. I came to know about this when I visited the Media Section on this website. I am fascinated by this too. This is really cool!! Please help me how can I start on this? Tell me any source which teaches me basics and then move to advance level like them in the Media section. I want to know anything which takes me from very beginning till pro level in Cardistry.

Ok, then I saw a lot of tricks available here on Theory11. I want to know which should I buy first to start. Tell me something which starts from very beginning and takes me to pro level. I don’t want to be specialize in a single form of this Art as said by chris Kenner “First choose what you want to be weather a Card guy or a Coin guy.” I want to be a complete professional magician. I want to learn doing magic with Cards, Coins, Everything and also with Nothing. So please help me how can I start?

And also I saw there a tag saying 3 more free tricks. I provided my email id there but didn’t received anything.

So, guys and pros please advise me and help me in sorting out my problems in doing Classic Color Change. And also help me in starting Magic and Cardistry.

Thank You for reading.
Waiting for your replies!!!

Vansh Thakur.
Sep 1, 2007
I would also recommend seeing if you can get some help person to person at


password: daivernon
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