Aug 1, 2009
So I thought I would share this story with you guys today. There has been a lot of anger and tension lately throughout some forums so I thought this might help.

I was performing Insignia by Eric Ross today at school and than just did some other effects, and just had a good time and people were laughing and just in aw and overall having a great time. Than a kid in my class pulled me away after the bell had rang. I didn't really know him ,and I really had not talked to him much before, but I did know his name. He than told me how much he loved watching me do tricks and watched and loved my videos on facebook and youtube all the time and how he got excited everytime I would put up a new one or show something in class. He than informed me that his mother passed away recently and how me doing magic and performing had helped him get through it. He than told me how he knew that was weird and odd but that me doing magic suspended his reality for a second and let him believe in miracles and believe in something and that I probably saved his life without knowing it. I said thank you so much and than he walked away. But I called his name and performed a card to shoe effect and let him keep the signed card.

All in all, I know that sounds cheesy and probably kind of odd. But it just reminded me of why I do what I do. Why I check theory11, penguin, thebluecrown, sankey, and ellusionst every day. Why I love reading Tarbell books in class. Why I spend so much money on magic. Why I go perform at restaraunts and for big corporate guys. Why I love magic. It's not for me, but for the people we do it for. We create experiences for people and touch them in ways sometimes we don't even know. Just remember its not about the method, the visual, the sleight, the creator, the price, or the dealer, but it's about the people. We do it because we like to entertain and allow people to have a good time. They get whatever they can out of it.

Just a fun story that made me smile and remember why I love magic and why I am so passionate and care so much about it. Now go out and perform. Thanks guys and keep it up.


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Sep 14, 2008
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Many of us have effects just lying around collecting dust in drawers that could be creating smiles, miracles and memories if we would just get them out, put them in our pocket and show them to everyone and anyone throughout the day. One thing is bound to happen. You are going to get VERY good at the said effect and you are going to have a blast doing it. It becomes addictive.

Nice story my man.
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