F1 Wallet or Super Slim Mullica Wallet??

May 21, 2011
Bedford, England
Hey guys,
I am recieving a lot of dosh (money ;)) over the weekend and i have enough to buy a wallet. I hardly ever buy wallets (in fact, i have one and it is utter ****!) and i want to buy myself a new card to wallet with the money i recieve. At this moment, i have my eye on two wallets which i have wanted to buy for a while now. There are: F1 Wallet by Jason Rea and Alakazam Magic, and Super Slim Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono and Paul Harris.

The only problem is that i cannot decide which one to buy!! I have read reviews on both wallets and ALL of them are saying "5 out of 5 stars!! One of the best wallets on the market!! BUY IT NOW!!" and that doesn't narrow down my choice.

So, my question to those who own the wallets is, which one is better? Which one do you prefer(for both magic and everyday purposes)? Which one do you think looks and handles better? Please help!!
P.S If you prefer another wallet, feel free to suggest it to me (Make sure it has a card to wallet feature and i will consider your opinion)
Thanks for reading :)
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