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  1. ok... does anyone knows a technique on how to load a ''lost card'' into two face downs cards.... like two mates that i dont wanna show their faces? i know you can find a nice way on cameo by d+M but i want something more clean just like a regular load....

    any ideas?
  2. not 100% sure what you mean. like show 2 cards then sandwich a card between it. then show that the 2 cards changed?
  3. yes... something like that... see i had an idea of a great ending for a sandwich routine... imagine a whole routine using an 8h and two black jacks... so at the end you say now u had an 8h.... wich is between the 7 and 9 of hearts s you grab the two face down jack and make the apear... and both jacks became the 6 and 10 of hearts..... that is the idea...
  4. Could you explain that a little better. A sandwich routine that involves two jacks and an 8. Why is the 8 suddenly between a 7 and a 9? It sounds like a decent idea but i'm not 100% on the context.
  5. I'm lost.
    Can you put down in bullet points what you want the effect to look like?

  6. hes saying he wants to (in the routine) place the black jacks facedown onto the table. He then wants the 7 and 9 to trap the eight once again (seemingly pointless). the spectator then looks at the "jacks" on the table, and sees that they are the 6 and the 10, hereby completing the production of a straight/climax to effect.

    its good, but is it useful or just another kicker?
  7. Sounds like a nice one off trick. But with a little thinking it could lead to a more impressive gambling demonstration.
  8. too confusing for spectators. trash the idea and go with dan and daves dejavu
  9. idk, it just seems as a pretty unexpected straight revelation in my head... and idk if it would be confusing for the spectators... you just make 8 apear between the two fade down jacks... and then reveal that the jacks have changed... but changeing the jacks in to a 9 and a 7 seems too small in my head... but does anyone has an idea of loading the two facedown cards???
  10. "Just another kicker" is not the right way to think about it. Having the jacks change during the routine, is something an audience won't expect, so if it's performed well it gets a stronger reaction than the regular effect.

    Think of Eric Ross' Election. His "You Do As I Do" routine in which the spectators do everything has two reveals. 1) They both chose the same card, 2) They chose the card from the other person's deck. If additional revelations up the level of impossible, the audience will appreciate it, making it a good thing.
  11. ..

    Changing the sandwich cards might be a little anti climatic. I would suggest that you try to find Helder Guimaraes sandwich effect.. it was called "the prison card trick" or something like that.. I think it's the best 1 out there... definitively the cleanest!

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