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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sergey, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I am really debating about buying it. I really want a CIB and this looks pretty good. But I don't know somethings about it so I have a couple questions about it (and don't worry they are very general and broad): Is it worth it? Does it work in the real world? Are the reactions really like the ones in the preview? Is it practical? Is it risky to perform (like some tricks where you think that you might get caught easily with one littlest mistake)?

    Any other reviews of it would be very appreciated!

    PS: I researched this in older threads and they were all locked because of impoliteness, so please be polite, that's why I am making this one, because I couldn't ask any of my own questions.
  2. Is it worth it?

    Worth is a subjective term so I am going to tell you it was well worth it to me. I still perform it each and every chance I get.

    Does it work in the real world?

    Yes it works in the real world. It requires no gimmicks and is extremely practical.

    Are the reactions really like the ones in the preview?

    Every person is going to react differently to a magic trick/effect. People's reactions I have had thus far have been as follows: stunned silence, snatching the bottle and yelling a few expletives, the doubter reaction that scrutinizes the bottle for 30 minutes (which is fine with me since everything is immediately capable of being inspected), and finally those who have just walked out yelling "no freakin way!". I have not had a bad reaction or someone who just flat out didn't like it yet. The one person who scrutinized the bottle for 30mins was about as close to a bad reaction I have gotten but I feel there is always one of those individuals in a crowd.

    Is it practical?

    Requires no gimmicks, works with just about any bottle, and only takes a few seconds to setup. When you learn the method and presentation you will understand that there are certain bottle types you will want to avoid to make your performance as flawless as possible. It's practical enough for me.

    Is it risky to perform?

    It is not a self-working, sure-fire, never-fail effect. It will take practice and it will take your best effort to perform it correctly and present it properly. This is true of any magic effect in my opinion though. You aren't going to lose a finger performing this though so there is very little risk in my opinion. There are certain handlings of this effect that take a fair amount of guts to pull off and if you choose not to perform those risky moves there are certainly alternatives that are taught.

    This is just my opinion though and I have worked hard to get my performance of Factory Sealed to where I am confident doing it multiple ways depending on the situation. If you read my review here already you will know that I like it quite a bit.

  3. Thanks Jim, we'll see I just might buy it today, maybe here some more comments and think about it a little more
  4. Smart move! I am happy to see that not everyone is quite as trigger happy with their money and makes an informed decision about what effects they pick up.

    That aside if you do happen to pick it up and have any questions or need help just drop me a PM.

  5. Everything Jim said is 100% correct-- I own Factory Sealed and I believe I wrote a review in the Product Review section, which you may want to check out by clicking HERE.

    Check it out if you want a little more insight.

    Good Luck,
  6. Thanks RA69, I already looked at the review, but this other look opened my eyes to some more info, thanks. I am still debating though, although now I am even more sure of buying it.
  7. Your welcome,

    If your still unsure and want to make sure that 100% without a doubt you want to buy this product. If you haven't seen it already on the Ellusionist Product Page for Factory Sealed, there is a FAQ section which answers basically everything you need to know.

    In my opinion, if you don't already own a CIB you like, then purchase Factory Sealed.

  8. It's a really good CIB, maybe 10 times better than Bullet.
  9. would it work on stage?
  10. It depends where the audience is located, and where you are located on stage.

    If you watch the DVD it will give you instructions on how to angle yourself to maximize the potential of the effect.

    There is 2 ways of doing it. The more "magical" way, is meant for people in front of you, and slightly to the left and right, but, not to your direct left, or direct right.

    The second way, is 100% angle proof for the penetration. Before the penetration takes place, it has the same angles as the first Penetration.

    If you watch the preview videos, the one where Justin holds the bottle, and puts the coin through himself is the more angle sensitive.

    The one where, the spectator holds the top of the bottle, and Justin holds the bottom with the coin in his palm is the 100% angle proof way (for the most part).

    Hopefully that helps.

  11. ok, I think they'll be on front thanks.

    PS you a really good mod, you are helping out a lot, I mean I posted the question like 10 min. ago
  12. Factory Sealed has been great for me.

    I perform it differently than the video teaches and use my own style, but that should be the case with all magic.

    I recommend it.
  13. The conept of FS alone is unique in that the bottle has water in it, which makes it a little different from others. I had problems with FS, after which i posted a questions here in the forums. Yea, you do need some practice, as is with all other tricks. The effect is great actually, so go for it. If i'm not mistaken, Justin said in the DVD that he added it to his personal repertoire, which gives it a bit more credibility.
  14. you should wait a way cooler version is going to come out soon and it is 10 times better
  15. From E? Or a similar trick, from somewhere else?
  16. I would highly recommend getting this effect. It's powerful, visual, and simple. The angles are fairly good, as long as you know how to manage your audience well. As RA said, there are two versions, one having better angles than the other. Also, the effect is basically impromptu, with only a few seconds of setup needed.

    Now that I think about it, you could borrow a bottle and do this, but of course, then the bottle wouldn't be factory sealed because they were already using it.

    Anyway, this is a great effect to pick up if you need some bang in your routine. Bullet is also an awesome effect, and goes well with Factory Sealed.


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