Fatal Ace Of Spades [Video]

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Craige, May 6, 2008.

  1. I will not post another flourish performance video for....well a long time. Most probably not until january 2009.

    Do expect tutorials and magic performances in the future though ;).

    Anyway, heres a video displaying some of my own original concepts and some of my favourite flourishes i have learnt.

  2. it was alright, but i did not see any original stuff.
  3. -Moves in order-
    Corner Spin (ShoeMan)
    Venom 0.2 (Original)
    S Le Paul (Paul Le Paul)
    Card Spring (?)
    Upside down Card Spring (The Flourishman)
    Baby Feather (Extra Twirl) (Original)
    HeadSpin (Bhasbun)
    Tornado into Sybil. (Original sybil)
  4. The closets thing to original was "venom 0.2" Overall 3/5.
    Your HeadSpin looked bad aswell, might want to clean that up.
  5. ahh well, i only just learnt it :p.

    but thanks.

    3/5 = worth watching.

    thats fine with me =D
  6. I like it ;)
  7. Suggestion for your next video: Don't put stuff in it that you just learnt. It will make both he flourish and yourself look bad.

    Looking forward to your next video in '09 though!

    Keep it up,


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