Faulty Mechanic's Grip

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Should I fix this?

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  1. When I usually handle cards, my index is placed on the right side and not in front. I've fixed this, but it pops up consistently in moves like the pinky count, cardini (not sure if that's the right name) and top shot. Will this restrict me from improving and make my sleights sloppy?
    Is this something I should fix, and if so, how?
  2. Look, I VOTED 'nay' but change it IF you can.
    As far as I know, it doesn't make a HUGE difference. And I know, because I myself dealt with such a mechanic's grip for YEARS. Keep reminding yourself to put it in the front, and eventually you will correct this slight error.

    And I repeat, it will not be a huge game changer. HOWEVER, it may make your sleights neater (a bit) since the cards won't slide out in the front.

    Relax, it is not a huge blunder. But try to correct it just for the sake of doing something that is 100% correct.
  3. Change it. With the index finger on the side, you will have greater tension in your grip (to keep the cards from going forward) and the deck won't "float" in your the way is supposed to.

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