First Flourishing Video

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Bumblebee, May 4, 2010.

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  2. Common guys, i need some feedback!
  3. It was good Ricardo nice selection of flourish's would say add an effect like your own style i do mine with maximum contrast and in black and white so try an effect to make it good ;)
  4. good music, good moves, actualy everything is good... great done... maybe u could make some smal things better... like better lightning.... zoom a bit in .... or stand in front of a cool background like.. i dont'know ... a wall somewhere outside....but this is just deatails... video is good ^^
  5. Sick Stuff man!
    For just 5 months thats really good!!!
  6. That's very good, knowing that you've been only flourishing for 5 month. Keep it up, practice, and you'll do the best possible.

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