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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by NeilSahoo, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Hey I've been making gimmicks for 52 shades of red by Shin Lim... And he teaches how to make flap cards and I've been making it today with the exact same materials he has and I've been using spare cards so that I don't ruin the double backers ( because I dont have any) so I've been using the thread and then super glue it on the end
    Sometimes I tighten the string a lot and then glue the string to the ends of the card and then when I go to open the flap I can't open it and then the elastic just breaks and then when I put less pressure on the string so it's less tight when glued it doesn't flap fast at all and doesn't do the finished flap and then after trying it breaks am I doing something thin wrong because when I look at shins tutorial for a flap card he doesn't really explain how tight the elastic has to be ... I'm really confused ... Hope there someone to help thanks
  2. In the relax position it is not loose but also not tight. The prym is in that position just a little tighter than on the bobbin.

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