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    I would like to know what cards are best for flourishing,such as quality, durability and handling?

    Also, what deck of cards do you suggest?
  2. Wynn and Aladdin 1001 smooth finish
    Tally Ho's are decent.... but don't last as long, warp more easily and are a bit too soft for flourishing IMO
  3. wynns and guardians and tallyhos
  4. The only Guardian's I've had were the first edition and stuck together too much for me, although I have heard that batches since then were better, I haven't handled any since so I couldn't tell you. Wynn's work great, but personally, I love tally hos for flourishing, (NOTE: NOT tally ho vipers) and they've lasted me a long time, I just re-powder them - It's funny, I mean, I like that they are soft and lighter, but as you can see, others dislike them for the same reason, it really is just a personal thing, I had a deck of bicycle vintage safety backs that worked great for me too that lasted a really long time. If you want a medium between Tally-Hos and Wynns, I would choose Split Spade Lions, they are heavier than tally hos, but still have the same great finish, and they flow extremely nice yet hold up stronger more like Wynns.
  5. Have you ever handled Tally's ... Tally's last very long, do some research before posting.
  6. my favorite are the lions.
  7. Tally-Ho and Bicycle
  8. Tally Hos are great and so are Aladdin 1001 Smooth Finish. Don't get the Aladdin 1002 Air Cushion Finish as they are not very good, I've heard.
  9. LMFAO
    clearly u haven't handled Wynns and Aladdins because they last 5x longer than Tally's

  10. I just use regular bikes... :eek:

    Love my Guardians though. Obviously Tally's are good.

  11. What are you talking about? Just because you think Wynns and Aladdins last longer doesn't make them any better. Tally's kickass. You can say that Wynns last longer but that is your opinion.

  12. I gotta agree with you, Tallys are the best. What's your opinion on which is better? Fan back, or Circle back? And do you think Vipers are any good?

  13. Circle Back > Fan Backs
  14. Aren't they exactly the same cards just with different back design? :)

    Kind regards Kristian
  15. yes they are pretty much the same with the exception of the back design .. in my opinion Fan Back TH-9's are more appealing than Circle Backs hands down .. but thats just my opinion.


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