Four Ace Routine Like Final Aces.

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  1. I was messing around with the Four Ace Trick, I have the Final Aces Routine By Bro John, This one though is the one that Criss Angel does. My question is how do you keep people from noticing the extra card, value or suit from just showing up? I mean if someone is watching closely they would notice the card change. Is there a routine out there that prevents this? The very first ace that go's you could show all cards face down so no biggie there, but I would think they would get kinda boring seeing them all go the same way. Any Ideals fellow magicians.
  2. It's called a discrepancy if your engaging and have a good presentation they'll never notice...
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  3. The one Criss Angel does is a slight variation of McDonald Aces.
    Him and Joe Monti teach it very well on one of his DVD's Master Mindfreaks - MF Aces.
  4. So you wouldn' want to perform this on video? After a re watch three or four someone would bound to spot the method? Just seems like to good a thing to take a chance on.
    There is another trick called the jazz queens. I'l probably perform it, it' got a great ending.
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