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  1. I am a beginner with card magic and have gotten SO frustrated that I am about to give up completely. I have been collecting cards for awhile and have learned some very basic moves but I recently purchased Rapture, Eclipse and Twitch. All great tricks but I am having so much trouble doing the moves. I can do Rapture OK but Eclipse and Twitch are insanely hard for me to do. I am able to perform the actions of Eclipse but would never attempt them yet in front of someone, But Twitch I cant even finish the moves even at a slow pace. If anyone has any advise for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Begin with the basics. Get 'Royal Road to Card Magic' or 'Card College Volume 1.'. Work through those first, get everything in those down, then go back to the other flashy stuff.
  3. 100% agree with TheatreHead. The problem most beginners have is that they try to learn all of the new flashy stuff before learning the essentials. Start with books before you dive head first into DVD's and downloads. I would recommend books like:

    Card College Volumes 1-5
    Royal Road To Card Magic
    Tarbell's Course In Magic
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic
    and others.

    Work through these books and then move onto the slightly more advanced stuff when you're ready. Jason England has a free download here on Theory11 called What To Read. He suggests some great books for different skill levels.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I agree with the above posts but I'd like to add a little bit. Sometimes you need to do a little bit of homework before you purchase an effect. For instance Theory11 has "Twitch" listed as "easy" but if you looks down at the comments you can see that it is "knacky" and may take a while to get used to. Similar reviews are on the "Eclipse" page. A little bit of research could have paid off.

    Look at Royal Road, there a re a whole bunch of tricks and original concepts in there that are easy and strong.
  5. I am so glad I found this site, all the comments are very helpful. I will try to find the books mentioned and work on the basics more, and I guess I should show more patience too. Thank you ALL very much.
  6. yes i should think you have tried to accomplish too much too soon. Investing in books will save you much frustration. Also as a final note magic is NOT an easy thing. So always remember to be patient, practice hard, and don't take it so seriously. You can always take a break from magic if you so choose to cool off from the frustration.
  7. Yea, the reason we all say to go through these books and such is because it works. it will give you the essentials, and the time to learn how to perform each trick. Also the effects in the book are the classics that work. Some of the effects and moves you named are hard even for me to do, do dont feel frustrated.
  8. When I first started I also got something that was way out of my league. People told me to get Royal Road To Card Magic when I asked for advice on this forum. Well I wasn't gonna read a book because it's so cumbersome when it isn't your first language. I understand english flawlessly everywhere. But when reading a book where it describes step by step how to do a trick my brain just melts.
    I recommend getting the Royal Road To Card Magic DVD set done by Paul Wilson. There aren't that many good tricks in RRTCM, but you learn a lot of moves.
    The problem with getting into magic is that all the good tricks are spread across so many books/DVDs. Just to get 5-6 tricks you love doing and you know your spectators loves watching you have to pay many dollars.
    There really should be some collab thing going where the ultimate beginner tricks are gathered. Book form and DVD. There are many of these beginner DVDs but they have at most 1-2 tricks that are worthwhile.
  9. I disagree but that is fine. Do as I do is a good trick, poker players picknick is good, cards across, and the ambitious card taught are good. David Blaine performs many moves and effects that he got directly from Royal Road on his specials.
  10. My advice: read the old magic books. There are millions of good card magic tricks that require little more than fancy shuffling. Stick to your guns and you'll do well.
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  12. i do gotta say mark wilsons complete course in magic is awesome. i picked it up at 11 years old and even now almost 25 years later im still going back to it on a weekly basis.
  13. give up. you cannot do better.

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