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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sergey, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Well, my friend came over today, and we were having a good time, and then he saw a deck lying around, so he picks it up and is like "here let me show you a magic trick"so I, on the merge of laughing start watching, he does a trick that I pick a card then he puts it on the bottomof the deck (how creative) and shuffles it and the goes through the face-up deck and finds my card.

    For all those you who don't know how he did it, he did a very obvious glimpse. BUt anyways, then I pick up the deck.

    So he is like "ok show me what you got" so I show him a basic Ego Change, and he has WTF written all over his face, A SIMPLE COLOR CHANGE, and he thought he could do magic. (Not trying to be cocky, just it's so funny to me)
    But here is where the funny part comes in, he starts nagging me to teach him it an I try to avoid, and chnage the topic, and then he gets the idea that it's a trick deck (a gimmick) so I go with that, then I showed him the Erdnase Change which awed him as much, and then I explained to him that this trick deck was made so easy that all you need to do is rub the card and it changes automatically, and he starts rubbing it, and it's not working for him (while I am LMAO), and it's so funny watching him rub that card.

    Then he picks up the deck and tries to show me a trick while saying "I There is this trick that goes like this" and I put the card bac k in the deck and it's supposed to flip over, but It didn't. So I pick up the deck and say "oh you mean this trick" and I tell him to name a card, and he says AC and I do an Impromptu Version of the Inv. Deck, and so at the end he is like on the floor, by now, and he says to teahc me this trick and again with the trick deck, so I tell him the card named will automatically flip over, this trick deck is very universal, so he takes the deck and calls out 8H and starts going through the deck saying "please work", it was at that time that I was laughing the most.
    I think then he realized that it doesn't work like that.

    I also showed him a Subway, and explained that in a trick deck there really is a card Subway, of course he didn't believe me and said even with trick deck you did something.

    He was nagging me for a while, he even offered to buy that "trick" deck off of me, I thought about but I didn't want to take advantage of him. SO I showed him RRTCM,maybe he might become a magician, we'll see, it was funny as hell though!
  2. Well, I am sitting in my chair. And at the moment hoping that the dude isn't drooling on himself, and mindlessly babbling. But, in the mean time, teach him a better trick than the trick deck. How about buying him a 4 dollar stripper from walmart.
  3. no, he thought it was a trick deck, that's what made me laugh, it was a regular red rider back bike deck

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