Funny thing that happened during a key card trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Infected, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. So I was doin a key card trick for my friend. The simple type of trick when you just start dealing cards and stop at their card. I asked him to cut the deck as many times as he wanted and he did cut the deck 4-5 times. When he was finishied I stated that I would find his card. So I grab the deck and for some reason turn it over so that the bottom card was showing and he just freaks out because he had accidently cut it to the bottom. I of course play it cool and acted like it was supposed to happen.
    It might not sound as that much but his reaction was priceless and he thought that he had acctually done the magic
    wich he kinda did. "How the heck (read hell) did I do that ?" he said and gave it about ten more tries all failing ofc.
    The best thing was that he said that it was the best trick i've ever done for him and all I did was to turn the deck over. 1 in 52 i guess..
  2. Those "mishaps" are the best sometimes. I remember I was doing an ACR and messed up. I showed the top card and it wasn't theirs. So I did a double in the hopes there card was second from bottom. And there it was. The dude freaked out wondering how I made the other card disappear and how his card now came to the top so quickly.
  3. yeah same thing happened to me once. not the very same i mean. but accidents like that. sweet accidents
  4. Same thing happened to me today! I was doing a key card trick, and as a joke turned over the top card and said "This is your card," after the three people I was performing for had all cut the deck, and sure enough it was the selection. Needless to say the reaction was great, and it made my day to see the look on their faces when they genuinely thought they had all cut to their card. I love happy mistakes.

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