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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by illusionone, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hey guys its me illusion one!!
    My thread today is about a cool place I came across today"the gaff zone".
    It looked pretty cool,and is all about making gaffs.I think all of the gaffs are made by them, and none are copyrighted.Some of the gaffs look really good,maybe theory 11 could get some gaff cards from them or even a gaff deck.So if u have some gaffing "skillz",join,see if u like it.Thanks Enjoy!!!

    please contact me with further questions,or about the idea of having gaff cards made.
  2. This is great, but I really don't know how far this is going to go. It isn't very proffesional, and most people are recruited from a popular exposure site.
  3. oh,exposure sight?
    well they look cool and some of the gaffs are pretty nice, and high quality
  4. Well for one, some people are from the LMT boards, but I myself pretty much quit those boards, unless to talk to people from the SleightArtists staff team. I'm also a member of that site, and I find it fun to use innovative ideas to create gaff cards, which have routines and ideas behind them. Obviously a lot of the stuff isn't that great I'm not going to lie but, some of the people on there are pretty talented, and the ideas behind them are awesome.

  5. thaks for the input!!!People should sign up, and make some cards
  6. Most people there can't photoshop for beans, some even use paint!
  7. The site is cool, but we don't need a gaff deck here that has 50 different card revelations.
  8. well you can also make your own,whatever you want
  9. I was just wondering,but has anyone signed up?
  10. I'm going to mini-mod for a sec but, don't double post.

    Yes I have signed up and put in a few simple ideas. My photoshop skills are not the greatest in the world but, I have a bunch of gaff ideas I've always wanted to see and finally get a chance to hopefully make that happen. I'm not going to lie but, some of the designs are pretty bad, and would never be in a deck but, some are very innovative and great. The owned MagicRich has put out a very clean and easy-to-use website layout, and even has contests started up already. There's been talk in the staff section of the site about the future, and there's some promising ideas that will hopefully turn out successfully.

  11. Thank you so much for that!!!!Yes i know some of the cards are bad,but cut us some slack since we just started....Wouldnt it be awesome to walk down the street when you were older,and see a kid doing magic with YOUR gaff card,its possible....Well im really sorry for double posting i didnt know it was a prob,but now i do,cheers!!:) )

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