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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Raj Singh, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I'm staring to get into gambling style moves and have read Erdnase's 'The Expert At The Card Table' and Madison's 'How To Cheat At Cards'. Can anyone recommend me anything to read further on these styles of moves? In particular a focus on hand switching would be lovely.

    Thanks in advance x
  2. Just start saving your money. It's coming.
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  3. Awesome!
    But when is it coming?
  4. I know I'm late to the party, but just in case anybody's going to stumble over this: I'm gonna assume that Mr England refers to Steve Forte's book. It's been announced to be released autumn this year at the latest. Contrary to his other books and DVDs that I know of, this book will actually teach the techniques instead of just demonstrating/informing about them. It's supposed to have more than 1000 pages (it will come as two books) and over 1400 illustrating pictures.
    The only downside: It'll probably cost something in the neighborhood of $300, but in my opinion that's definitely worth it.
    I'm sorry if any information here is wrong; please correct me if that is the case.
  5. $300 for 1,000 pages and 1400 photographs is a good deal.

    I now know what I'm asking for this Christmas and it isn't even June.

    @Jason England, please let us know when this is available for preorder.
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  6. I agree 100%.

    Personally, I'm afraid that Christmas could be too late. Mr England wrote that it would be "definitely out before the fall". And with ~1500 copies to go ... I expect them to be gone pretty quickly. Better start saving now!

    In case you want to read for yourself, this is the Magic Café thread I got the info from:
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  7. I like to buy my Christmas presents early....
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