Garett Thomas' "Mash Pack" vs. Justin Millers's "Freedom Pack"

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by houchini, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Hi folks !

    I saw GT's mash pack a few months ago, and now there's JM's freedom pack coming out... While the premise of both tricks seems to be the same (create instantly a bow around your deck), do you have any opinion on which one to choose ? (without exposing anything). Like, is one more practical than the other, do-able in real like conditions, if one has more applicaitons than the other (looks like with the Mash Pack, you can create the box and make it vanish as well, Idon't know if that's possible with the Freedom Pack)

    Cheers !
  2. i havn't got either DVD's, but freedom pack looks much more visual and you don't palm or switch anything. mash pack seems to be palmed some way and i personally don't like palming. thats just me. im getting freedom pack for christmas :) (hopefully)
  3. Well, Freedom Pack I recommend much more because it doesn't use a huge setup or gimmicks and is clean and visual, but Mash Pack is a deck a would not recommend considering that the whole deck is gaffed and you have to palm a lot so, I hope you consider getting Freedom Pack by Justin Miller
  4. Just watched the demo for Mash Pack, doesn't look like TOO much palming... It looks fine to me. Plus, moments where the box visually vanishes as the deck is spread on the table and stuff... Looks nice.
    I like the subtle touches in Freedom pack, being able to show the front edge of the deck cleanly... Very good.

    I imagine both have their limitations, but both look good. Are they both Paul Harris presents tings?

  5. From what I have read about Mash Pack is that it is essentially an entire gimmick deck, and you have to be pretty careful when handling it otherwise you'll give away the method. He does teach a few effects that allow you to end with a normal deck and cards.
  6. Honestly, the only limitation to freedom pack is deciding what cards you will use with it...:)
  7. Actually i m pretty excited about the Freedom Pack...i can clearly see an application for deck switches that i dream about :)
  8. there are so many applications that can apply to Freedom Pack.
  9. The Freedom Pack seems to be a great way to end a close-up performance if you're out walking around doing some street magic (and I know some people absolutely hate that expression but it works). As a final act, you flip the cards and suddenly they're in the pack again and you can finish it up.

    I'll probably be getting this eventually. Looks like some great work, Justin!

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