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  1. Ghost Deck

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    The Looks-

    I think the looks of this deck are fantastic. The black cards (Clubs and Spades) are normal. The red cards (Diamonds and Hearts) however, are far from normal. The pips in the middle of the card are completely black, while the small pips in the corners are red, outlined in blood red. The court cards, of course, are the same as described about, just with all the color "sucked" out of them.

    The Feel-

    The feel of this deck is wonderful. It is second only to the Masters. The cards fan perfectly, hold together well, and just have a great overall feel to them.

    The Price-

    At $4.99 per deck, I think the price of these cards are just right. Not too expensive like the Black Tigers, yet not too cheap like regular Bikes. Of course, I would not have any problem with them being $2 per deck, but I am also just fine with the price as it is now.

    The Quality-

    I think the quality of these cards is excellent. I have heard stories of the Ghost Deck surviving everything from rain, being dropped, and just a lot of use over the course of a couple of months. They have the UV500 Air-Flow Finish, which is the best I have felt so far.

    The Durability-

    I have only had this deck for about a week, and I have been playing with it a lot. They still feel just like new, every time I take them out of the box. I am anxious to see if they will still feel as good in a couple of weeks.

    My Thoughts-

    I personally love this deck, and I plan on getting more. The only deck that I prefer over the Ghost right now is the Masters. When I first got these cards, I just sat there and looked at them... I was amazed. I remember going to a magic store about a year ago, and they had a Ghost Deck there. I had never heard of the Ghost Deck, or E for that matter, so I thought that it was some kind of gaff deck... therefore I didn't buy it. Now I am sitting here wishing that I would have bought the dang deck when I had the chance a year ago. I would also like to point out that many categories in this review are strictly personal opinion... I'm sure there will be at least one person who disagrees with what I said in my review, which is fine. Thanks for reading.
  2. Personally, I've always been in love with the Ghost Deck. It has a great look, and feel just as you said. Can't say that I prefer Masters over these though... Maybe the Guardians, but we'll find out later this week. ;)
  3. I actually agree with you... I like these a lot better than the Masters. My opinion has obviously changed since I wrote this.
  4. So far, I have never encountered a deck that looks and feels good like the Ghost Deck does. It really does last long too. I toy with them almost everyday even though I won't be using it for performance. I am still using the exact same box I have been using for 4 MONTHS. These are so far, the best deck I've owned.
  5. my box is falling apart and my deck is like ruined i have had it for about a year.
    i never noticed that a clubs on the joker thx for tht. i need to get a new pack
  6. Looks like a normal deck to me, and is ridiculously priced. I don't feel a difference in the quality - maybe I am insensitive to such things.

    Use normal cards.

    - harapan. magic!
  7. It doesn't look eerie enough to be called as a Ghost Deck. But I like this deck because it doesn't clump and doesn't need fanning powder.
  8. Ok so...use normal cards... Got it...

    Oh! And the Ghost, according to what you posted, "Looks like a normal deck to me," so... I guess I am all set with the Ghosts then, eh?


    Thanks for the advice! Ghosts it is....
  9. The deign is really good. Favorite E deck.Doesnt get accused of being trick cards much.But like everything on E its Overpriced.
  10. I like the ghost deck alot too. The second editions are better than the first, becuase the first editions warp really easily.

  11. I agree with every word of this review. I actually dropped a few cards in a puddle (on accident of course) so I picked 'em up, put them out on the window sill of my window and in minutes, they were perfectly dry as if nothing happened!

    I really love this deck. It has an excellent feel and I just love spreading and fanning it!

  12. Cool story. I head a story of a guy that left his Ghost Deck out in a field ovenight and it rained. The next morning he found the deck, and put them in his Joe Porper Card Clip, and within 10 minutes or so, they were back to normal. I think this was on the review for the Joe Porper Cad Clip on Ellusionist. I agree with your last line... this is a great deck. Mine has lasted me a long time, and they're very good looking.
  13. i love this deck too, buy i would not recommend it for magic tricks, xcm only. It confuses spectators as all the pips are black so the mix suits up. and when i take this deck out they always say "is that a gimmicked deck' so gaff tricks wouldn't work well (i think) but they are the bestest for xcm
  14. I found the only Ghost Deck I've ever used extremely ugly. Deck handles nicely when new, like all decks of ellusionist, but they die fast. I completely destroyed a deck of these in one weekend. Handling isn't that much better from standard USPCC cards. All Ellusionist decks feel the same.
  15. yes they definitely do
    i experimented with these custom cards and i walked away unimpressed
    im sticking to circle back tally-hos
    if im feeling risk-ay i will pick up some fan backs
    tally-hos are the best cards ever made
  16. i agree with the tally ho comment. they are by far better.

    but for the dude that said he destroyed an e deck in a weekend must suck at handling cards.
    dude... think about what you just said, it says a lot about how you are with handling and care.
  17. Try to wash your hands before touching cards.
  18. maybe he has shweaty hands?
  19. Yes! these cards are incredibly soft, and fan too well. Cut perfectly and dribble like no other deck.


    This deck sucks for performing. I always get spectators confused with hearts being spades, because the hearts are black.

    Do not perform with these cards is my only advice.
  20. The ghost deck is the one that lasted the longest for me, and I like that :)

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